This Wedding Cake Is a LEGO Lover’s Dream but Wait Until You See the Rest of It. OMG!

Wedding cakes have gotten very creative over the past few years and many couples want to express their interests with different themes. Some weddings have had Star Wars themes but this wedding’s centerpiece was a custom LEGO wedding cake by Cupcakes by SJ.

It’s a masterpiece that has several unique touches like construction LEGO figurines and even a great cake topper. It’s meant to look like a LEGO cake under construction with fondant being rolled out to cover the LEGO pieces.

This custom wedding cake was created as a gift to the bride and groom by Cupcakes by SJ which is not a bakery but a family who loves to bake.


Since posting the pictures on Facebook, they have garnered over 146,000 Facebook likes.

The family has been overwhelmed by all the compliments.

It’s so awesome to see a family that enjoys baking together and creating such incredible pastries and cakes. Please share this beautiful and creative LEGO wedding cakes with your friends and family.

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