A Piano Sits in a Paris Train Station. When Two Strangers Come Together to Create Music, THIS Happens.

Two Strangers Improvise Piano Performance in Paris Train Station.

We all know how music can lift our spirits but it also transcends all boundaries because it is universally understood. When a young man sat at an empty piano in a train station in Paris and started playing, he probably had no idea that his music would inspire others to join him and entertain a crowd of waiting passengers.

As another young man approaches the piano, he decides to improve some melodies. Within moments, they are both creating music. Just like these piano players at Disneyland, you’ll notice that they don’t even need to speak to each other. They simply continue playing and improvising¬†as they go along.

Watch these two strangers improve on the piano at a train station in Paris!


It restores your faith in humanity knowing that two passing strangers can come together ever so briefly and share their talents with so many people. Please share this random piano performance in a Paris train station with your friends and family.

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