She Found out Her Daughter Was Bullying Others About Their Clothes. Here Is How She Taught Her Daughter a Lesson!

Young Fashion 'Bully' Told to Wear Thrift Shop Clothes By Mom.

Parents are often afraid of people bullying their own children; however, they sometimes don’t realize that their own kids are the ones that are bullying others. Bullying shouldn’t happen in today’s society and it can lead to depression in young people.

One mother found out that her stepdaughter was bullying another girl at school because of the clothes she wore to school. When her mother found out, she brought her daughter to the thrift store and told her to pick out clothes she taught looked awful. Only thing is, she didn’t know that she would end up wearing them. Watch how her mother took a creative step and taught her daughter a lesson about empathy.

Watch this young fashion ‘bully’ forced to wear thrift store clothes by her mom…


Did you think this technique was effective or would you have used a different solution? Please share how one mother taught her young fashion ‘bully’ a lesson on the value of empathy with your friends and family.

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