These Fathers Were Caught Off Guard during Their Baby’s Bath Time

These Fathers Were Caught Off Guard during Their Baby's Bath Time.

Babies are so cute that sometimes we all get the urge to speak or sing in a high voice to get their attention no matter how funny we look or sound to others. Just like this dad making breakfast with twins was captured on video by his wife, fathers caught on video spending time with their babies is just as hilarious!

Whether it’s spending time in the pool or in the bathtub, these babies are having fun spending quality time with their daddy. The compilation video showcases dads having fun with their babies and their laughter is infectious! It will warm your heart to see all these parents enjoying special moments with their kids.

Watch these fathers singing and playing with their baby during bath time…


This baby bath time with dad video compilation is adorable and I’m sure theses babies loved it. Please share these hilarious daddies singing to their little babies and making bath time fun with your friends and family.

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