Korean Artist Captures Those Special Moments When We Express Our Love

Many people say that love is complicated but it’s in our nature to overthink things to the point that they become complicated. Love doesn’t have to be complicated and many of the small moments and gestures we do everyday for our loved ones is done with our hearts.

Korean artist ‘Puuung’ illustrates just some of the things we do that makes the people we share our lives with feel special. We tend to buy flowers or gifts but sometimes a small gesture that expresses our love is truly the real meaning of love.

Puuung writesLove is something that everybody can relate to. And Love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork.”

1) Love is a rainy day.

2) Love is being there.

3) Love is a special meal.

4) Love is Spring.

5) Love is breakfast in the morning.

6) Love is cozy conversations.

7) Love is an unexpected kiss.

8) Love is playing games together.

9) Love is reading a book.

10) Love is dancing.

11) Love is waiting for you.

12) Love is holding hands.

13) Love is sharing your world together.

14) Love is cuddling.

15) Love is a surprise.

16) Love is singing together.

17) Love is doing chores together.

18) Love is making memories that last a lifetime.

19) Love is hugging.

20) Love is a relaxing day at home.

21) Love is shopping together.

22) Love is being a shoulder to cry on.

23) Love is staying in bed.

24) Love is taking care of each other.

25) Love is a day at the park.

26) Love is a nap.

27) Love is enjoying a late night movie together.

28) Love is sharing.

29) Love is taking a rest with a relaxing cup of tea.

Love is waking up next to someone who loves you.

H/t: Pulptastic

These illustrations really demonstrate what love is all about and there are so much more at Puuung’s gallery on Grafolio and Facebook. Please share these everyday moments of love with your friends and family.

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