This Mother Elephant Thought Bath Time Was Over. But Her Baby Didn’t Think So…LOL!

This Baby Elephant Didn't Want Bath Time to End!.

A mother’s work is never done and this mother elephant is busy giving her young one a bath. It may appear that bath time isn’t fun for this baby elephant; however, the moment he comes out of the water, he soon wants to dive back in!

It’s adorable how animals such as this mommy elephant in Zimbabwe care so well for their young. Just like humans, they would do anything to keep them safe and also enjoy caring for them so they grow up big and strong!

Watch this adorable baby elephant that didn’t want to finish bath time…


Elephants are very clean animals and this elephant even picks up the trash! I loved how his mother didn’t want him to go back in the water but he somehow convinced her to let him go back in and play.

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