This 3-Year-Old Is Skating in Her First Competition. When She Does THIS…My Heart Melts.

3-Year-Old Skates in Her First Competition and It's Adorable.

The talent that kids demonstrate at such an early age boggles the mind. Just like this 2-year-old that can jive in front of an audience, this little girl is also a born entertainer and watching her skate is the cutest thing.

She is barely 3 years old but she isn’t nervous at all for her first ISI ice skating competition. Dancing to an upbeat version of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, this little girl owns the ice. As the audience cheers, she shows her appreciation with an adorable wave.

Watch this 3-year-old girl skating in her first competition.


As she glides her tiny feet across the ice, she performs some excellent skating moves that are simply adorable. She is so confident at such a young age and if she continues, I think her parents will have an Olympic skater on their hands!

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