When Kissing Skeletons Reveal Themselves, You’ll Be Touched by Their Message

There are over 7 billion people in the world so it only makes sense to accept everyone without judging people by their age, gender, race, or religious beliefs. Every individual, regardless of their background or identity, has an intrinsic worth and equal rights. Embracing this ethos, this PSA from the Ad Council for their “Diversity and Inclusion” campaign wants to show that love doesn’t have labels.

When Kissing Skeletons Reveal Themselves in this 'Love Has No Labels' PSA by the Ad Council, You'll Be Touched.

The visual narrative of this PSA is both ingenious and evocative. It starts off with two skeletons, free from any markers of identity, kissing and hugging behind a video screen. This display piques the viewer’s curiosity, drawing them into the campaign’s essential message about the universality of love. But when the skeletons walk off the screen, two people or entire families step out from behind the screen to show what love is all about.

Watch this ‘Love Has No Labels’ PSA by the Ad Council on diversity and inclusion…

This transformation serves as a powerful metaphor, illustrating that beneath our superficial differences lies a shared humanity. It emphasizes that individuals shouldn’t prevent two people from falling in love for any reason. Love has no gender. Love has no race. Love has no disability. Love has no age. Love has no labels.

In today’s rapidly globalizing world, where cultures and identities intermingle more than ever, it’s crucial to internalize and promote this message of acceptance. The campaign by Ad Council isn’t just an advertisement; it’s a clarion call to society, urging us to view love and relationships through a lens free from prejudices. By doing so, we can hope to create a world where every individual feels valued, respected, and loved, regardless of the labels they may carry.

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