This Boy Gave His Prize to a Young Girl Battling Cancer and It Left Me in Tears

Kids may be small but they have the biggest hearts. At a Winnipeg Jets hockey game, 9-year-old Keaton Hamin was given a hockey stick by Tyler Myers who is a defenseman for the Jets.

Alyx Delaloye, a 7-year-old girl from Neepawa, Manitoba who is fighting cancer, attended the game and appeared on the jumbotron and was a special guest at the game. When Keaton saw Alyx on the jumbotron, he walked up to her. Because Keaton has a heart of gold, he gave her the hockey stick he just won.

Watch this boy giving his hockey stick a cancer-fighting Winnipeg girl at a Jets game…


That was an incredibly beautiful gesture by Keaton and it made Alyx extremely happy. Please share this awesome story of Keaton and Alyx with your friends and family.

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