A Man Noticed a Bag of Trash Was Moving. When He Looked Inside, He Helped Change This Family Forever.

A Baby Found in a Trash Bag Found Love with a New Family.

The thought of someone throwing any living thing in the trash is incredibly heartbreaking. A pit bull lived after being found in a trash bag but when a human baby is found in one, it breaks your heart infinitely more.

This is what happened when a carpenter stepped out of his shop and noticed a trash bag was moving in a dumpster. When he looked inside, he found a baby and what happened next is nothing short of a miracle. Watch how a wonderful family loved him and gave him a life full of love and happiness.

Watch this amazing story of a baby found in a trash bag and the family that adopted and loved him…


Little Eddie is a blessing for this family and they received a gift that is simply incredible. Please share how this beautiful boy was saved and given a beautiful life where he brings joy and happiness to everyone he meets with your friends and family

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