34 Awesome DIY Summer Projects for Your Backward

Summer is almost here so that makes it the perfect time to start planning awesome and easy (or complex!) outdoor projects for your home. A backyard can either be plain and boring or it can be fun and exciting and adding any of these DIY backyard ideas makes spending time outside even better.

Whether it’s building a fire pit or decorating your backward with flowers, any of these 34 DIY backyard ideas will help make your outdoor space special this summer.

1) Line up cinder blocks to create a lawn border, paint them, and use them as flower boxes.

34 DIY Backyard Ideas for the Summer - Line up cinder blocks to create a lawn border, paint them, and use them as flower boxes.

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2) Or stack a few cinder blocks and insert wood beams to create an outdoor couch or bench.

Here is how to create DIY outdoor seating.

3) Turn salad bowls into retro wireless outdoor speakers

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re probably thinking how to make these look like an Imperial Death Star…so was I 🙂 Here is how to make retro modern wireless speakers.

4) Build a simple treehouse for the kids or for adults!

Here is how to build a treehouse.

5) Unleash their creative drawing skills by making a blackboard fence.


6) Create a makeshift sectional seating area by repurposing inexpensive wooden pallets.

Here is how to make an inexpensive DIY wooden pallet sectional.

7) Build a stone fire pit.

Here is how to build a stone fire pit.

8) Make diving more fun by installing a trampoline instead of a diving board.


9) Plant these perennial favorites, Allium flowers, and watch kids marvel at their splendor.

Purchase or get more information on Allium bulbs.

10) Create tiki torches with wine bottles for those warm summer nights.

Here are step-by-step instructions to make recycled wine bottle tiki torches.

11) Cool down on hot summer days with this easy outdoor shower.

Turn your backyard into an oasis! Here is how to create a cool outdoor shower.

12) Make a quick and cozy tent using only a rope and several sheets.


13) Create a patio table with a built-in beer and wine cooler.

Here is how to make a DIY patio table with build-in wine and beer coolers.

14) Build a custom gazebo and get ready for compliments about how great it looks.


15) Create an outdoor tunnel enclosure that your cat will simply love.

Here is how to create an easy DIY cat enclosure in your backyard.

16) Make awesome homemade pizza in your own outdoor pizza oven.

Homemade pizza doesn’t get better than this. Here is how to make your own DIY outdoor pizza oven.

17) Repurpose used tires and made a backyard playground.


18) Collect your pine cones and use them for flower bedding instead of wood chips or rocks.

DIY backyard ideas like this one also helps keep dogs, cats, and other animals away from your garden or flowers.

19) Create a giant Scrabble set for outdoor fun.

Here is how to make your own patio Scrabble game.

20) Build awesome A-frame tents for kids.


Your kids will love these and here is how to make DIY A-frame tents.

21) Build a personal greenhouse by reusing old storm windows.


Here are instructions for making a mini greenhouse out of storm windows.

22) Install a bunk bed in the backyard and turn it into a stargazing treehouse.


The best part about this project is that you can customize any type of bunk bed and make it your own. Unleash your creativity!

23) Put marbles in your fence to fill any holes in your wooden fence.


You can even drill some and add several marbles to make your fence shimmer in the sun.

24) Build awesome outdoor tables with used whiskey bottles and glass tops.


Depending on availability, you can purchase whiskey bottles at Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond sells round glass tops.

25) Build an outdoor Twister game.


Here is how to make a DIY outdoor Twister game.

26) Build an outdoor kitchen by hacking an IKEA table.


Here is how to make an outdoor kitchen by hacking a Varde sink unit.

27) Create an outdoor lounging bed.


Here are some tutorials on how to make a DIY outdoor day bed.

28) Make outdoor hideaways using hula hoops and bed sheets.


Here are the items you’ll need to make hula hoop hideouts.

29) Build a hideaway bar for easy outside entertaining.


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere so here is how to build a DIY fold-down backyard bar.

30) Setup an outdoor movie theater.

Forget the drive-in, here is how to turn your backyard into a movie night.

31) Pretend you’re always at the beach by turning your backyard into one.


Here are some tips for building a beach in the corner of your own backyard.

32) Create a lawn chair…a REAL lawn chair or sofa.


Here is how to make your own sod sofa for the backyard.

33) Construct a giant hammock swing.


This one looks like a lot of fun. Here is more information on this outdoor swing of goodness.

34) Break out the tents and go camping in your backyard.

You don’t HAVE to go into the woods to go camping, spend a night under the stars in your own backyard.

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The only thing I need now is a bigger backyard because I’m flooded with DIY backyard ideas! Please share these awesome DIY backyard ideas for building epic summer backyard projects with your friends and family.

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