The Model in This Photo Shoot Is Unrecognizable After Being Photoshopped

Model Becomes Unrecognizable After Being Photoshopped in Time-Lapse Video.

When you look at models or celebrities on magazine covers, you often have to wonder if they have been photoshopped. The answer is generally yes in most cases; however, while most are subtle touches, some models are nearly unrecognizable after being photoshopped.

Just like this woman that wanted a photographer to airbrush away her perceived “flaws”, woman and teenage girls try to achieve the unreachable standards they see in magazines. In the following time-lapse video, a young woman gets ready to pose for a photo shoot. Once completed, we get to see the resulting changes done by artists and in the end, she is nearly unrecognizable.

Watch this model’s photo being photoshopped to the point of becoming unrecognizable…


The negative effects of seeing “perfect” and unrealistic body types in the mass media are real, especially for young girls. Please share the before and after photos seen in this video of a model being photoshopped with your friends and family.

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