Escape Artist Only Has 2 Minutes to Escape. The Twist at the End Will Make Your Jaw Drop. OMG!

Escape Artist Demian Aditya's America's Got Talent Audition 2017.

Everybody likes a great magic trick and escape artists are the kings and queens of nail-biting magic acts. I loved it when soldier parents surprised their daughter at her school’s magic show and it proves just how much joy it could bring to people.

One magician during his audition for America’s Got Talent 2017 surely had all four judges in shock. Escape artist Demian Aditya performed a mind blowing set where he was chained inside a glass box with 900 pounds of sand slowly filling the box.

To further add suspense, he told the judges that he only performed this particular stunt twice! Will he have time to escape before the sand crushes the box and buries him alive?

Watch escape artist Demian Aditya risk his life during an America’s Got Talent audition…


He certainly shocked the crowd and judges with his death-defying stunt on America’s Got Talent. Please share this nail-biting stunt by  death-defying escape artist Demian Aditya with your friends and family.

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