Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Hijacked Her Phone and Made This 7-Year-Old Girl Feel Extra Special

Steven Tyler Hijacked Her Phone and Sang Her Happy Birthday.

Some people are always lucky to bump into celebrities and it’s always great when they spend some time with their fans. One lucky 7-year-old girl from Bowling Green, KY, was sitting behind Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler on a Southwest Airlines flight and got a special surprise from the singer.

Carleigh was sitting with her mom, Christa Frost, when Tyler asked he she was videotaping. Because it was Carleigh’s birthday, he sang a special happy birthday song just for her and has a new fan for life.

Watch Steven Tyler of Aerosmith as he sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to a little girl on a plane…


I’ve always been a fan of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith and I respect them, even more, when I see how great human beings they really are. Celebrities doing random acts of kindness shows a different side to them you normally don’t get to see. Please share this video of Steven Tyler brightening someone’s day with your friends and family.

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