All This Adorable Lazy Cat Needs Is a Couple of Servants to Fan and Feed Her

Admit it, we’ve all been there. You’re sitting comfortably on the couch and getting up to get a drink or a snack seems like a chore after a hard day at work. Well, cats are known for their independence and ingenuity, and this lazy cat that doesn’t want to get up to drink water is no exception.

All This Adorably Lazy Cat Needs Is a Couple of Servants.

This adorable but lazy cat may have found a solution that fits her needs. Instead of getting up to drink some water, the lazy feline found a funny but effective technique. She dips her paw in the dish and then licks the water off of her paw!

While this behavior may seem odd to humans, it’s actually a natural instinct for cats. In the wild, cats often drink from streams or puddles by scooping up the water with their paws and then licking it off. This behavior is believed to help them avoid ingesting any harmful debris or bacteria that may be in the water. I’m kidding, I only made that up but according to some pet owners, some cats drink with their paws because don’t like to get their whiskers wet in a bowl of water. Who knew?

Regardless of the reason, this lazy cat found a way to suit her indoor lifestyle. She has easy access to a water dish but prefers to drink in a way that feels natural to her. And let’s be honest, it’s also a pretty cute and amusing sight to see a cat drinking water in such a unique way.

Watch this lazy cat drinking water…


As pet owners, it’s important to observe and understand our pets’ behaviors, even if they seem unusual to us. This can help us better care for and understand their needs, as well as strengthen our bond with them. The life of a cat. She has it all figured out. 🙂

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