27 Stealthy Ninja Cats That Are Experts at Outsmarting Their Humans

When you think about it, cats would make the most excellent martial artists since they are incredibly agile, they always land on their feet, and they have nine lives! Cats may seem lazy since they like to lie around but they love to play and when they do, their energy levels can usually outpace their owners.

The following 27 cats are not only sneaky like a ninja, but they are also hilarious and their behavior cracks me up. Ninja cats are awesome and I’m sure you’ll enjoy these silly felines.

1) This dog has no idea of the impending danger he will soon face.

27 Stealthy Ninja Cats - This dog has no idea of the impeding danger he will soon face.

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2) You never know where they will hide.

3) A Christmas tree always creates a good cover.

4) Am I over here…or over here?

5) Sofas make for good hiding places…

6) …flower arrangements…

7) …shoe boxes…

8) …pool tables…

9) …bread boxes…

10) Or, basically, any bag that is lying around.

11) Cats and expensive wine glasses don’t mix.

12) He’s feeling pretty good about the hiding spot in the recliner.

13) The cat charmer.

14) Hiding in the ventilation ducts like any good spy.

15) The watering can is the last place they’ll look.

16) The can scale any wall.

17) Hanging out under the dresser.

18) They will reveal themselves when you say the secret password.

19) They don’t drink on the job.

20) They can fit anywhere.

21) Even ninja cats need some peace and quiet sometimes.

22) That’s another way of getting peace and quiet!

23) Busted!!

24) “Did I hear someone say coffee?”

25) Hiding in the closet is way too easy!

26) Paper towels are better than any cat toy.

27) He ALMOST had me.

27 Stealthy Ninja Cats - He ALMOST had me.

Source Unknown

While being ninja cats is hard work, here are 30 cats also love being silly. Please share these adorably sneaky ninja cats with your friends and family.

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