A Pit Bull Was Rescued from a Dog Fighting Operation. When a Woman Pets Him, His Reaction Is Priceless.

Pit Bull Rescued from Dog Fighting Operation Gets Adopted.

Pit Bulls often get a bad rap; however, they truly are a wonderful breed that just wants what every other breed of dog craves, attention and love. This adorable Pit Bull waited for his owner to come back from the hospital but not every dog has owners that care for them as much as they deserve.

This Pit Bull was rescued from an illegal dogfighting operation so he has been through a lot. He doesn’t know how it feels to be loved by his owner. When a woman visited a shelter and saw him, she extended her hands and his reaction can only be described with one word, beautiful.

Watch this Pit Bull from a dogfighting ring getting shown some much-needed love…


The good news is that he was recently adopted and finally has a family that will give him the love he deserves so much! Please share the emotional reaction of a rescued Pit Bull being cared for with your friends and family.

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