Man Risking His Life to Rescue a Rabbit from Wildfires Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Brave Man Rescues Rabbit During Southern California Wildfires.

It only takes one action to restore our faith in humanity. During the devastation caused by wildfires in Southern California, one man risked his life to rescue a wild rabbit and became a hero.

The man pulled over on the highway and braved the relentless flames to rescue a wild rabbit in Ventura County. As he makes his way through the smoke and flames, you can see him trying to call the rabbit towards him. In a panic, the rabbit runs away from the flames but not before he is able to grab the rabbit and carry him to safety.

Watch this man risk his life to save a wild rabbit during the southern California wildfires…


As he walks away with the rabbit in his arms, you can’t help but realize that not all heroes wear capes. Just this Marine that rescued 4 baby bunnies, it only takes one person to make a difference.

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