He Shed Tears When He Had to Break His Piggy Bank. I Lost It When His Dad Did THIS!

Heartwarming Short Film About a Boy and His Piggy Bank.

Many of us had piggy banks growing up and it was exciting to finally break it open when it was full. When the boy in this heartwarming video by Interac has to break open his piggy bank, it saddens him and brings tears to his eyes.

It all starts when he spots a cute puppy he wants to buy. To make his son learn the value of a dollar, his dad gives him a piggy bank. He saves every nickel and even starts a paper route to earn extra money. When the time comes when he can’t fit another dime, his parents watch him break it open. When he does, his reaction is not what his parents expected. What his dad does next brings a smile to his son’s face and you’ll be surprised by what he does!

Watch this heartwarming short film, “The Surprise.”


This heartwarming video ended with a twist I never saw coming but it is so cute. It also has an important lesson for kids and adults as well. While it is easy to buy everything we want with credit cards, earning every dollar to buy it with our own money is much more rewarding.

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