Server Having a Bad Shift Was Stunned by a Late Night Act of Kindness

Everybody has a bad day at work once in a while; however, sometimes only one thing needs to happen to turn a bad shift into a good one. A restaurant server was having a long and hard night of waiting tables and he couldn’t wait to get off work.

After finishing up one of his last tables, one of his customers left him a $100 tip for no reason at all. This act of kindness from a stranger took him by surprise and gave him the boost he needed.

A server was having a bad day but a customer turned his day around with a $100 tip!

Server Having a Bad Shift Gets a $100 Tip.

A similar thing happened to a pizza delivery driver who received a huge tip and he was incredibly grateful. It only takes one random act of kindness to change someone’s day. This customer noticed the server was having a bad day and decided to make things right because they could.

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