A Young Boy Sang ‘You Raise Me Up’. When She Joined Him, the Audience Was in Awe.

Jeffrey Li and Celine Tam Performance of "You Raise Me Up".

On a recent episode of “Let’s Sing Kids”, a popular talent television program in China, two young singers left the audience in awe. Jeffrey Li, 10, and Celine Tam, 7, performed the very popular song “You Raise Me Up”. Their performance is jaw-dropping and their voices sound incredible.

Celine Tam originally sang ‘You Raise Me Up’ when she was only 5 years old but together with Jeffrey Li, they bring the song to an entirely new level of brilliance.

Originally composed by Secret Garden in 2002, the song has been covered by hundreds of music artists including Josh Groban. Groban popularized the song in 2003 when it was a contemporary hit in the United States. Jeffrey and Celine sing a beautiful cover and the audience couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Watch Jeffrey Li and Celine Tam perform ‘You Raise Me Up’


These two young performers will have a terrific career ahead of them for sure. For more information on these young talented singers, be sure to follow Jeffrey Li and Celine Tam on Facebook and prepare to be inspired.

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