This Dog Lived a Life of Abuse but When She Pets Her for the First Time, Your Heart WILL Break.

Heartbreaking Reaction of an Abused Dog That Was Scared to Be Touched.

When a dog lives a life of being abused or is treated inhumanely, it’s only natural to feel sad and angry. It’s easy for them to have psychological scars and trauma from living these events over and over in their heads. It’s also very difficult for them to trust humans after these ordeals.

The reaction of one dog will break your heart once her rescuer pets her for the first time after being rescued by the Breasta-Craiova shelter in Romania. Priscella the dog probably has not felt love for her entire life; however, thanks to people with huge hearts, her transformation in this video and will warm your heart.

Watch this abused dog stroked for the first time…


It’s amazing how resilient dogs can be and demonstrates the incredible work that staff and volunteers at animal shelters perform every single day. Please share this dog’s heartbreaking reaction to being stroked for the first time with your friends and family.

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