These Employees Just Got a Huge Pay Raise So They Bought Their CEO a Brand New Tesla

Gravity Employees Buy Tesla Electric Car for Their CEO, Dan Price, After Huge Pay Raise.

I have worked for companies where workers were unionized and other companies where workers were non-unionized. The major difference in companies that aren’t unionized is that employees are more likely to get along with their managers. Also, they take pride in their work and generally want to do the best work possible. By helping to create great products and/or services, the company can do well. In return, employees benefit as well with pay bonuses, promotions, stock options, or increases in pay. Just like this sporting goods employee living in a homeless shelter, having a good salary can change a person’s life.

When employees at Gravity Payments in Seattle, Washington, were all told their yearly salary would increase to $70,000, they couldn’t believe it. No employee at Gravity Payments is now making less than 70k a year. Even the CEO and co-founder Dan Price reduced his salary to $70,000 to help his company achieve a flat organizational structure. The financial services company has been doing consistently well since being founded in 2004; therefore, Price wanted to share this success with the people who help his company remain successful.

To show their appreciation, all of the employees pooled some extra money over the course of the next year. With it, they bought their CEO his dream car, a brand new Tesla. It was their way of saying thank you. His reaction when they show him his gift is priceless and heartwarming.

Watch this heartwarming moment as Gravity Payments employees buy Tesla for their CEO, Dan Price!


These non-unionized employees are one big family and their gesture was appreciated so much by their CEO that he couldn’t hold back the tears. Employees buy Tesla electric car for their boss…how great is that?!

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