Puppies, a GoPro Camera, and Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Equals Cuteness Overload.

Puppies playing with GoPro camera, and running to Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker.

What do you get when you combine videos of super cute tiny pups running through the grass chasing a GoPro camera with the Nutcracker score playing in the background? YouTube user Sam Nevens created the video and it’s one of the best puppy videos I’ve seen in a long time.

Adorable puppies playing with a GoPro camera couldn’t be cuter and the fact that it’s set to classical music makes it even better. After you’ve seen this video, I can guarantee you’ll want a puppy if you don’t have one already 🙂

Watch Dachshund puppies playing with a GoPro camera!


If you’re feeling down, watch this video and it will make you smile.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “It’s Puppy Time” by Sam Nevens:

  1. “Dachshund puppies > all other puppies.” – The SeeeTeee
  2. “This made me lighten up with a smile, It’s funny because I just got a dachshund puppy about a month ago.” – chainassassin2
  3. “Animals close up with a wide-angled lens.” – NotBen101
  4. “This is cuteness overload! Definitely a mood booster :D” – Dale Boyle
  5. “Awesome edit! Cute little puppies!” – DeyTay
  6. “Soooooooooooooooooooooo cute :)” – Yeshidon
  7. “Dachshund puppies stop me in my tracks every time, but special KUDOS to the adroit cinematographer, and the person who synched this to Tchaikovsky’s happiest music!” – Alison W Ames
  8. “Cuteness overload! ???? I love it!” – Luumanzor
  9. “Sooooooo cute! ^w^ I loved it and it cheered me up! :3” – Ameixa1998
  10. “Great idea, and nice music choice ^^” – Caio Lima Netto
  11. “I was having a rough morning until I came in and saw this little bundle of cuteness perfection! these puppies are so precious! thank you so much for sharing :)” – Kam S
  12. “The way they run is so funny! It looks like they’re having a spas attack.” – kagnomi

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