This Cat Loves Sledding With His Human. He Probably Sleds Better Than You!

Weston the Cat Enjoys Sledding Down Slopes with His Human.

Cats are renowned for being incredibly nimble and you probably remember Didga the skateboarding cat who loves to shred. Well, another cat named Weston also loves to shred with his human, Jesse Smith. They don’t skateboard but sled down the wintery slopes in Washington state instead.

According the Huffington Post, Smith says, “Weston usually opts for the shoulder perch and does a great job of balancing up there. Also, being that it is quite cold during all this snow play, we do make sure to take frequent trips back to the warm car.”

Weston is no stranger to outdoor sports. Smith and his wife take him along with their other cat, Ellinore on hiking trips and they love it. In this video, their adventure cat is seen perched on his human while keeping his balance as they barrel down the hill.

Watch Weston the cat enjoying a day of sledding…


Pets love playing outside and you can bet Weston is ready to go again once they reach the bottom of the hill. You can catch more of Weston and Ellinore on Facebook and Instagram. Please share this cute video of Weston sledding with his human with your friends and family.

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