Brave Bengal Cat Faces Off Against Black Bear

As any pet owner knows, cats can be curious creatures. They often like to explore their surroundings and can even be daring at times. This was certainly the case for one Bengal cat in Vancouver, Canada who had a recent encounter with a black bear.

Brave Bengal Cat Faces Off Against Black Bear.

The Sturrock brothers recently shared a TikTok video that immediately went viral. They captured video of their Bengal cat named Tigger standing his ground while encountering a black bear in their driveway. The remarkable thing is that Tigger not only stood his ground, but he also scared away the black bear!

According to an interview with CTV News, one of the brothers, Gavin, was walking out with a box of Nerf guns when he saw the black bear venturing into his driveway. What he didn’t notice was his cat getting ready to scare away the black bear. He quickly took out his phone to capture video while calling his cat back inside. But Tigger didn’t want to back down without a fight! The brave cat simply stared down the black bear and it started walking away.

Watch this amazing TikTok video of a Bengal cat facing off against a black bear in Vancouver, Canada…

Not only did Tigger the cat scare away the black bear, but he also potentially prevented a bear encounter with his human. Black bears generally don’t attack humans; however, it’s still a scary thing for anyone to come this close to a bear.

If you’re not familiar with Bengal cats like Tigger, they are a beautiful hybrid breed of cats that look like exotic cats but with a calmer temperament. The Bengal cat is a domesticated cat breed created by mating Asian leopard cats with domestic shorthair cats. The result is a beautiful house cat with a luxurious coat featuring large spots, rosettes, and marbled patterns much like a leopard.

H/t: CTV News

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