These Mannequins Are Special in Every Way and so Are the People They Were Inspired From

These Mannequins Are Special in Every Way.

The majority of mannequins that are constructed are not based on the body dimensions of an average person. Usually, they are constructed for a body type that very few people can attain.

Pro Infirmis, a Swiss organization that was founded in 1920, provides support for people with disabilities. They decided to build mannequins modeled after individuals who live with a disability but who don’t let their disability define who they are.

Their campaign was entitled “Because who is perfect? Get closer.”, and their goal was to bring awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities. The moment that the disabled models view their mannequin for the first time, it is very touching. Even more touching, is seeing the reaction of pedestrians outside the store window where they were put on display.


A person’s true beauty is on the inside and these individuals have an incredible amount of confidence and are a true inspiration to everyone. Please share this inspiring campaign with your friends and family.

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