These Mannequins Looked Like Any Other Until One of Them Started Moving to the Music

Mannequins were created to help men and women envision how a certain garment would look on them and we generally don’t expect them to move. I for one certainly hope they don’t move!

But a Korean dancer named “Poppin Joo MinJeong” posing as a mannequin must have left several bystanders in awe as she performed an amazing dubstep routine that is unbelievable. Her movement is incredibly fluid and she was also the first place winner in Korea’s Got Talent in 2011.

Source: Girl posing as manikin performs insane dubstep dance by MatthewR on Rumble

Dubstep is an incredible dance style that has been brilliantly performed by several pros and amateurs alike. If you like dubstep, here is a performance by 11-year-old Adilyn Malcolm which is impressive.

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