A Man Was Hospitalized Following a Car Accident. He Found This Note Attached to Him…

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you know how traumatic it could be. A car can be replaced but a human life cannot; therefore, walking away from a car accident with some bumps and bruises is a blessing.

One man in Calgary, Alberta suffered a minor brain injury when he was involved in a car accident a few years ago. When paramedics saved him, his memory retention was only 60 seconds and after that, he would forget everything.

The RCMP decided to write out a letter in point form of the events that led him to being hospitalized. Thankfully, when he woke up his memory had returned and he was discharged after a few days.

After a car accident left him with temporary short term memory loss, a Calgary man found this note attached to him at the hospital.


H/t: Reddit

Thankfully, there were no fatalities and he fully recovered after being involved in this car accident. Please share this note that was left with an accident victim with temporary short term memory loss with your friends and family.

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