Golden Retriever Puppies Grow Before Your Eyes in This Adorable Time-Lapse Style Video

Running Golden Retriever Puppies Grow Before Your Eyes.

Puppies grow up so fast that many times we wake up and realize that they aren’t puppies anymore. This video of Golden Retriever pups named Colby and Bleu is a time-lapse video that shows their growth from 11-weeks-old to 46-weeks-old in magnificent style.

They are so sweet as they run around the kitchen towards their food bowls and with each passing week, they show they same enthusiasm for feeding time. As pups they are extremely nimble but you’ll laugh as their bodies drift around the kitchen corner.

Watch golden retriever pups running for dinner in this timelapse video…


It’s amazing how quickly Colby and Bleu have grown but they are cute now as they were then. Please share this adorable video of Colby and Bleu running with your friends and family

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