You Can’t Skip This Geico Ad but You Won’t Mind Watching It Because It’s Hilarious

You Can't Skip This Geico Ad but You Won't Mind Watching It.

We’ve all been there. You’re all ready to watch a video on YouTube; however, you have to wait 5 seconds for the preroll ad to play before pressing the ‘skip’ button. Just like this holiday¬†dinner for dogs and cats, Geico decided to further show how much dogs¬†love to eat food!

Geico brillantly reinvented preroll ads by putting the ads message at the beginning of this 30-second advertisement while the next 25 seconds contains the most hilarious thing ever. You can tell an advertisement is effective when you want to watch it over and you actually get rewarded with laughter by watching the entire commercial.

Watch this hilarious Geico ad that stars a hungry dog…


That is possibly the best YouTube ad I have ever seen. Please share this hilarious Geico ad with your family and friends.

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