You Can’t Skip This Geico Ad but You Won’t Mind Watching It Because It’s Hilarious

We’ve all been there. You’re all ready to watch a video on YouTube; however, you have to wait 5 seconds for the preroll ad to play before pressing the ‘skip’ button. In today’s world, where online advertising has become an essential part of the marketing strategy for businesses, preroll ads on YouTube are a popular choice for content creators. However, it is not uncommon for viewers to get annoyed with the mandatory five-second wait before they can skip the ad. Just like this holiday¬†dinner for dogs and cats commercial, Geico, a well-known insurance company, found a creative way to grab the viewer’s attention, keep them engaged, and remind viewers how much dogs¬†love to eat food!

You Can't Skip This Geico Commercial but You Won't Mind Watching It.

Geico brilliantly reinvented preroll ads by putting the ad’s message at the beginning of this 60-second advertisement. The next 50 seconds contain the most hilarious thing ever! You can tell an advertisement is effective when you want to watch it over and over. With this Geico commercial, you actually get rewarded with laughter by watching the entire commercial.

Watch this hilarious Geico commercial that stars a hungry dog…


That is possibly the best YouTube ad I have ever seen. By cleverly reinventing the preroll ad, Geico has not only caught the viewer’s attention but also made them laugh. The ad has become so popular that viewers are sharing it on social media platforms and re-watching it. This not only increases brand visibility but generates a positive image of the brand in the minds of potential customers.

Geico’s holiday dinner ad is a perfect example of how humor can make an ad stand out. By adding a personal touch and making the ad relatable to dog owners, the brand has not only generated a positive image but also increased its visibility. It goes to show that sometimes, a little bit of humor in commercials can go a long way.

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