After I Saw What This Mother Gave Her Daughter on Her Wedding Day, I Couldn’t Hold Back the Tears

Mom Saves Letter for 20 Years for Daughter's Wedding Gift.

Marriage is one of the most special moments in life and for this couple, Brooke and Tyler, it was incredibly special. When Brooke’s parents adopted her in 1994, her mother knew how special she was and that God brought her into their lives for a reason.

In a video by The Film Poets, we watch as a loving mother gives her daughter a letter on her wedding day that she wrote on a piece of her original wedding dress when Brooke was adopted. As you can imagine, it was an extremely emotional moment and it is incredibly heartwarming knowing that she has a family that loves her very much. Just like an earlier story of a father who gave a precious speech to her daughter on her wedding day, this was an incredibly sweet gesture from her parents.

Watch as this mom saves letter for 20 years and gives it to her daughter as a wedding gift…


Adoption is a blessing and one of most beautiful things a family can do for a child. You could also sense how much love this family has for each other as her brother gives an emotional speech before her wedding.

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