The Bagpipe Marching Band Walked in and When ‘Amazing Grace’ Began Playing, It Was Beautiful

André Rieu Performing a Beautiful Version of 'Amazing Grace'.

Amazing Grace is an incredible song and one of my personal favorites and it has been sung by countless artists including Alan Jackson, Il Divo, and even President Obama. This incredible rendition was performed by André Rieu and a talented ensemble of musicians.

It starts off with only a few instruments but as the song progresses, everybody joins in and it is simply breathtaking. As the camera pans out, several audience members can’t hold back the tears because it is so beautiful.

Watch Andre Rieu Performing ‘Amazing Grace.’


I still can’t believe how beautiful this sounds and it must have been even more incredible live. Please share this breathtaking version of ‘Amazing Grace’ by André Rieu with your friends and family.

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