25 DIY Pools That Are Hilarious but Also Brilliant. #12 Is Epic!

Having a pool is great for the summer but if you don’t have space, how are you supposed to stay cool on a hot summer day? Sure, you could go to a friend’s house who has one but the following people decided to bring the DIY pool party to their place.

Their DIY pools are as simple as can be but some of them are actually brilliant! Who needs a 2-million dollar pool when you can get a strong tarp, secure it to something stable, and fill it with water. That’s all it took to create these epic but funny DIY pools!

1) A cooler pool for one.

25 Funny DIY Pools - A cooler pool for one.

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2) Teenagers wanted a pool inside their home.

3) This pool is literally garbage.

4) Business in the front, a party in the back.

5) Taking a dumpster to a whole new level.

6) I always thought boats were for use ON the water.

7) An even cooler pool for one.

8) Nothing like relaxing in the driveway.

9) These guys are redefining the tailgate party.

10) A pool you can tow anywhere!

11) A wheelbarrow has so many uses.

12) This hay pool actually looks like fun.

13) Turn a tent into a pool.

14) Hangin’ out in the trailer.

15) A true DIY inground pool.

16) Using a storm drain to cool off. Inventive but dangerous!

17) Turning a dumpster into a pool.

18) Cold beer, good friends, DIY pool.

19) This pool can also double as a water slide when you are done.

20) The horses called, they want their hay back.

21) Two’s company, three is a crowd.

25 Funny DIY Pools - Two is company, three is a crowd.

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22) These DIY pools look uncomfortable but effective.

23) This little guy is taking this DIY pool thing too far 🙂

24) Here’s one way of fixing a flat tire.

25) Dumpster diving to the max!

When it means finding ways to stay cool during the summer, desperate times call for desperate measures! Please share these hilarious DIY swimming pools with your friends and family.

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