Here Is What a 2 Million Dollar Pool Looks like and It Is Absolutely Massive.

This 2 Million Dollar Pool Is the Ultimate Backyard Escape.

You could always tell which neighbors have a pool by the number of cars piled into the driveway on a scorching summer day. While an inground pool is often considered a luxury, nothing compares to this gigantic $2 million dollar pool in Springville, Utah.

It was featured on Animal Planet’s The Pool Master and it is named ‘The Mountain’ because the owner is an avid scuba diver and wanted to dive in his own backyard. It is a marvel to see and experience and has 5 waterfalls, epic waterslides, is 140 feet long, 60 feet wide, and contains over 360,000 gallons of water!

Watch this ultimate backyard escape by The Pool Master…


The mountain also contains a full-size kitchen, a grotto, a washroom, and countless tunnels. It’s the ultimate backyard escape and if you have the means, I highly recommend this $2 million dollar pool!

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