10 Famous Moms and Their Already Famous Daughters Prove Beauty and Talent Runs in the Family

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but when it comes to Hollywood royalty, everyone agrees that the following actresses are beautiful. You’ve probably grown up with some of these actresses and models and they have passed on their beauty and talent to their children.

Their daughters are just as attractive as their famous mothers and they are following in their mother’s footsteps. Here are 10 famous mothers and daughters that prove beauty runs in the genes.

1) Heather Locklear has appeared in numerous TV roles in the 80s, 90s, and is one of most recognizable TV actresses ever.


Her daughter Ava Sambora might not be acting yet but she is already a successful model at the age of 18.


2) Christie Brinkley is probably one of the most popular models ever and she’s practically ageless. She looks incredible at 62 and her daughter inherited her good looks.


Sailor Brinkley Cook has been exposed to the modeling world at a young age and she looks just as striking as her mom Christie.

Instagram / @sailorbrinkleycook

Instagram / @sailorbrinkleycook


3) Cindy Crawford has been successfully modeling for over 30 years and she still looks youthful as ever.


Her daughter Kaia Gerber is essentially a clone of her supermodel mom and she is destined for supermodel stardom as well. She’s only 14 years old but there is no doubt that this Cindy mini-me is the next big model in waiting.


4) Yolanda Foster was a successful model in the 90s and being on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kept her in the spotlight.


Gigi Hadid is already a top model and her mother was definitely an inspiration. She’s only 21 and already has been on the cover of countless fashion magazines and modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Versace, and Chanel just to name a few.


5) Goldie Hawn is beautiful and she is one of the finest comedic actresses ever but she’s also a director, producer, and a singer!


Kate Hudson is no stranger to the big screen and is best known for her breakout role in ‘Almost Famous.’


6) Kris Jenner and her family rose to fame in ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ and she takes care of her family.


Kim Kardashian and her siblings are popular on social media and they’re taking care of the family business.


7) Lea Thompson is best known for her role in ‘Back to the Future’ and based on how great she looks, she may have found the fountain of youth!

Her daughter Zoey Deutch is only 21 years old and already acting. She’s had a recurring role on ‘Ringer’ and has roles on several movies in 2016 and 2017.


8) If you grew up in the 80s, you’ll remember Lisa Bonet in her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Today, she’s still acting and inspired her daughter to do the same.


Zoë Kravitz is an actress like her mom and a singer like her dad Lenny Kravitz! She’s also a model and at only 27, she has a bright future ahead of her.


9) Reese Witherspoon is the girl next door and she is an Oscar winning actress. She has starred in everything from comedies to dramas and she doesn’t miss a beat.

YouTube / Vogue

YouTube / Vogue


Ava Phillippe is a splitting image of her mom and she’ll be successful at everything she does.


10) Meryl Streep probably has a room in her house to store all of her Oscars. She is one of the most talented actresses ever and deserves all of her success.


Mamie and Grace Gummer are actresses and with their mother’s acting talent in their genes,  the sky’s the limit.

H/t: Diply

The apple doesn’t far from the tree and these mothers and daughters have it all. Please share these famous mom and their famous daughters with your friends and family.

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