A New Target Employee Documents His First Day on the Job and It Will Have You Smiling

A New Target Employee Documents His First Day on the Job.

If you work or ever have worked in retail, you know how it can be one of the most interesting places to work. If there is ever a piece of advice I can give to teenagers or young adults getting their first jobs, I would have to say to start working in retail. It provides experience in customer service, working as part of a team, and learning initiative and time management skills are great for any future jobs. In addition to several other skills, it also provides an environment where anything can happen and you’ll have stories to tell for years.

One Target employee documented his first few days on the job and his observations are hilarious. His sense of humor makes it a joy to read and you’ll want to read his first few days at Target from beginning to end.

Things that happened on my first day at Target…

H/t: Tumblr

I hope he continues his hilarious observations and it sounds like he’s having fun at work and enjoys his job. Please share this hilarious Target employee that documented his first day on the job with your friends and family.

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