A Son Posted a Video of His Mom on YouTube and He Did It for the Sweetest Reason

A Son Posted a Video Dating Ad for His Mom on YouTube.

We all love our mom but one son in Norway did something incredibly special that he raised the bar for being the best son ever. When Alex Lyngaas realized that his wonderful mom, Eva, was alone for some time, he wanted to help her find someone to share her experiences with.

Eva, 70, resides in Norway and her son created a video dating film showing all of the incredible hobbies her mother has and they include tennis, yoga, skiing, and the list goes on. It is a truly special video bio of his mom and he hopes this will help her find someone she can share all of these hobbies and experiences with.

Watch this video dating film entitled ‘Looking for Adam’…


As Alex mentions in the video, “My mother is single and she deserves a good man. For the last couple of years, she’s been trying to find love and even gone on a few dates. But it just hasn’t worked out.” I think she’s a winner and hopes she finds a man that is worthy of her. Just like this son singing at his mom’s wedding, he simply wants his mom to find someone to share the beauty of life with.

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