These Friends Prove That Friendships Can Last a Lifetime

For many of us, childhood friends come and go and only a fraction of them remain good friends as we grow older. This group of friends show us that friendships can last a lifetime if we make the effort to stay connected.

Redditors magnumopos and downwarddawg posted the pictures and they were taken when they were 10, 17, and 29 years old. While these are only 3 photos, these lifetime friends have been hanging around together for over 20 years and their friendship is something to admire.

Sitting around a table nearly 20 years ago in Los Angeles for a birthday picture at 10 years old.

Almost 7 years later, another group picture before most of them head off to college.

At 29 years old, they’re still the best of friends. Lifetime friends…

Here are their names:

Far left: Matt Gruber
Second left: Joel Atia
Middle: Mykil Bachoian
Second right: Kevin Opos
Far right: Ben Danon
Front: Aviv Edelstein

These friends know what friendship is all about.

H/t: Huffington Post

Kudos to them for keeping their friendship strong and hope to see them in future pictures. Please share these incredible lifetime friends who have kept their friendship strong over the years with your friends and family.

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