These Horses Were Reunited After 4 Years and Their Reaction Even Surprised Their Owner

I’m a firm believer that animals have feelings. This heartwarming video should provide further evidence that animals have emotions just as we do. It revolves around the story of three horses named William, Arthur, and Harry, who were inseparable playmates when they were foals. They all grew up together forging a deep bond but one horse, Arthur, eventually had to be sold.

These horses were reunited after 4 Years of being apart. A beautiful horse reunion between 3 old friends.

But four and half years later, their owner Sue was able to repurchase Arthur and wanted to reunite them and record the event. When the horses were reunited, their reaction was nothing short of extraordinary. She couldn’t believe their reaction when they were reunited and it’s sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Watch this heartwarming horse reunion…


The video capturing this poignant horse reunion took place in December 2012. But, Sue updates that, “It is now April 2015 and I thought I would give you an update. Arthur, William, and Harry are still all together and very happy, and so am I! We now have a wonderful home in South Dartmoor where we run Adventures with Horses, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.”

Just like this little girl and her horse Cinnamon, horses are incredibly friendly creatures, capable of forming deep connections with humans and their fellow equines. Once a bond is established, it endures, demonstrating the loyalty and lasting friendship that can develop between horses. I’m so happy that their owner was able to reunite them and they are a beautiful trio.

The reunion of William, Arthur, and Harry is a testament to the profound emotional capacity of animals. It reminds us that their feelings are genuine and their ability to form enduring relationships is not limited to humans alone. The love and happiness evident in their interaction serve as a touching reminder of the remarkable connections that can be forged between different species.

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