She Danced and Pretended to Be a Doll but What Her Dog Did Left Me Speechless

Eurasia 2012 Dancing Doll Performance Left Me Speechless.

At the Eurasia Dog Show in Moscow, Russia, spectators can be assured that they will view spectacular acts of dog obedience, tricks, and dance. One particular dance routine left them impressed. A woman and her adorable dog performed a routine where the dog didn’t miss a beat.

The dance routine was flawless. You can tell that both the trainer and dog are perfectly in sync and play off each other. It is truly a joy to watch them perform.

Watch this amazing dance routine at the Eurasia 2012 dog show…


To say this dog is smart would be an understatement and what a beautiful accomplishment for the trainer and her adorable dog. Please share this incredible dance routine with your friends and family.

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