These Dogs Hilariously Fail at Catching and Fetching. I Can’t Stop Watching! LOL!

Funny Dog Fetch Fails of Dogs Hilariously Bad at Catching and Fetching.

Dogs are some of the most nimble pets on earth but like anything in life, it takes practice. But just like this dog that can’t catch food no matter how hard she tries, some dogs just need a little more work when it comes to the skill of fetching.

Whether it’s jumping for a toy and fetching a Frisbee, the following dogs will have you laughing. Sure, I’m laughing with them and not at them but their fetching fails are so hilarious that it’s nearly impossible not to laugh!

Watch these hilarious dog fetch fails…


This was one of the funniest compilations I’ve seen in a long time and hope you enjoyed it too! Please share this funny video compilation of hilarious dog fetch fails with your friends and family.

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