Dogs Are Generally Good at This but This Dog Is Adorably Bad but Gives It Her Best

Most dogs are agile enough to catch any food that you throw at them; however, Lucy, a Golden Retriever, is trying to refine her technique. While the dog next to her catches the treats on demand, some dogs like Luch fall just a second short of catching them in this slow-motion video.

Lucy’s human throws a treat in the air, and at first, Lucy seems to be closing in on it. However, just as she is about to snatch it, the treat seems to slip away at the last second. This happens several times, much to Lucy’s frustration.

Catching Treats Is Not Lucy the Dog's Best Talent. It's Adorable.

Eventually, Lucy does catch a treat, but it’s clear that she still has some work to do. Luckily, she seems to be having a lot of fun in the process. After all, what’s better than playing fetch with your best friend? It’s adorable to watch but keep in mind I’m not laughing at you Lucy, I’m laughing WITH you. 🙂

Watch Lucy the dog trying her best at catching treats in slow motion…


Practice makes perfect and she’ll eventually get the hang of it but watching her try is the best.

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