Cute Bird Builds a Nest in Birdhouse and Raises a Family

Many of us have installed, decorated, or even built a bird house as a kid; however, not many of us have been able to peek at what goes inside a bird house. There’s a sense of satisfaction when you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a bird entering your bird house for the first time.

Cute Bird Builds a Nest in Birdhouse and Raises a Family.

One YouTube channel brought its birdhouse into the 21st century by adding a Bird Box Camera Kit by Green Feathers. The little nest box was installed on a tree on the outskirts of Loughborough, UK, and started streaming on March 5th, 2021.

Watch this video of an empty nest to the first egg in less than 8 minutes!


A Eurasian blue tit first peeks in and inspects its potential new home. It’s super cute as it looks around and inspects every corner of the birdhouse to ensure it’s adequate enough to lay eggs and raise a few chicks.

As you watch the video, the first question you might be asking next is, “what happens to the eggs?” Well, a follow-up video was posted showing not only the eggs hatching but chicks fledging as well. It’s so adorable to watch the blue tit feeding her young with caterpillars and other insects.

Watch this video of eggs hatching to chicks fledging in 21 minutes!


Nature is unbelievable and watching animals instinctively taking care of their young is mesmerizing. I hope you enjoy these videos!

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