Watching This Rescue Dog Play Fetch Outside Will Absolutely Make Your Day!

Buddy the Rescue Dog Plays Fetch with His GoDogGo Dog Ball Launcher.

There is no denying that dogs love playing fetch. It’s always more fun when their human is throwing the ball but when their owners have to go to work, some dogs even love playing fetch by themselves!

Buddy the rescue dog is as adorable as a dog could get and he just LOVES his GoDogGo dog ball launcher. He hops excitedly while the machine gets ready to launch the ball and he knows just when to run out and catch it.

Watch Buddy the rescue dog having fun playing fetch with his GoDogGo dog ball launcher…


I could honestly watch Buddy fetching the ball all day because he is so cute! If you have a dog and don’t have time to play with him or her during the day, a GoDogGo Fetch Machine or even this unit from iFetch available on Amazon will keep your dog having fun for hours!

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