You Won’t Stop Laughing After Hearing What This Boston Terrier Does After His Owner Says ‘Hello!’

Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years and I’m so thankful that God made a dog. I love dogs and I always find it amusing to hear a dog trying to speak. While dogs may not be able to speak like humans, they can communicate in their own way through body language, barks, and even attempts at mimicking human speech.

Boston Terrier Dog says hello Back after His Owner Says Hello.

One example of a dog attempting to speak like a human is a video of a Boston Terrier responding to his owner’s greeting of “hello”. When the owner of this Boston Terrier says “hello” when arriving home, you won’t stop laughing at the dog’s response. Nearly every time he says “hello”, his dog responds back and it truly sounds like “hello”. The moment when this dog says hello is sure to have you in stitches, so funny.

Watch this hilarious moment when a dog says hello…


The dog’s owner has an infectious laugh which makes this video even funnier. His reaction to the dog’s attempts at speaking human language adds an extra layer of humor to the video. It is evident that the owner and the dog have a close bond. The dog is comfortable enough to attempt to speak in the presence of their owner.

While dogs may not be able to speak like humans, they are still able to communicate with us in their own unique way. It is up to us as pet owners to learn how to interpret their body language and vocalizations to understand what they are trying to convey. This video of a Boston Terrier attempting to speak like a human is so heartwarming. It’s a humorous example of the bond between pets and their owners. I truly hope this cute video made your day.

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