He Placed a Hair Dryer next to His Bird Feeder. You’ll Smile at the Hummingbird’s Reaction.

Two Anna's Hummingbirds Feeding Comfortably on a Heating Pad.

Watching Anna’s hummingbirds with their gorgeous iridescent foliage taking a moment to feed is an enjoyable experience. It’s especially rewarding when you can view them from a close distance. But, when it’s cold outside, hummingbirds could use a helping hand when it comes to ensuring a supply of nectar to provide them with energy to warm up.

When bitter cold hit the area of Sedona, Arizona, a man named Pat Izzo placed his hummingbird feeder on a heating pad to ensure the nectar wouldn’t freeze. To his surprise, both hummingbirds who feed regularly from his bird feeder would also perch themselves on the heating pad to warm up.

He named them “Rocky” and “Adrian” and they are a joy to watch. Even when he used a hair dryer to defrost one of the feeders, the birds loved the warm air and stayed close by.

Watch these hummingbirds heating themselves on a heating pad on a cold winter day…


It is such a delight to view photos of these two beautiful hummingbird being able to give their little wings a rest while feeding on warm heating pad. Please share this beautiful video gallery of hummingbirds feeding in a cozy environment with your friends and family.

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