This Zoo Had to Shutdown After a Massive Snowfall. What the Animals Did Will Make You Laugh!

When most of us wake up to a record snowfall, it’s difficult to get excited unless you REALLY love snow. That moment when animals discover snow for the first time, their reaction is priceless and they love jumping and running in the fluffy white stuff.

Oregon Zoo Animals Have a Blast Playing on a Snow Day

When the city of Portland, Oregon experienced a 30-centimeter snowfall, Oregon Zoo officials had to shut down the zoo. When one of the employees decide to check in on the animals, they just had to capture video of polar bears, sea otters, and other animals having a blast playing in the snow.

Watch zoo animals having a blast on a snow day…


These animals are just like a bunch of kids and loved having their snow day! Please share these adorable animals at the Oregon Zoo enjoying a snow day with your friends and family.

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