He Hated Leaving His Dog Alone When Going to Work So He Built THIS for His Dog!

Dog Owner Builds Robot to Play Fetch With His Dog While Away at Work.

Pets are active creatures and could easily get bored if there is nobody to play with them. An engineer named Lam Ngo wanted his dog, Jerry, to get some exercise while he went to work so he decided to build him an automated ball launcher to play fetch.

Jerry the dog just loves it and he knows exactly where to put the ball. Ngo even built a way for Jerry to speed up the process of launching the ball by tugging on the red cord. Ingenious!

Watch Jerry the dog playing fetch with a custom ball launcher his owner built for him…


That is amazing and Jerry the dog is so smart too!

Here are so of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “Jerry needs no help playing with his ball” by lamgngo:

  1. “I’m happy you immortalized such a precious pupper.” – InsaneTacoz
  2. “Nobody: Jerry: Playing fetch at 3 am.” – 1 Leonard
  3. “Why is this so depressing and joyful at the same time.” – Arsh DSJ
  4. “Plot twist: The dog built it.” – hycron1234
  5. “Youtube waited 11 years to show me this. why would you hold out on me.” – lot
  6. “This is fr sad. We probably saw this dog’s happiest moment in its life and now all that remains is this video.” – Ricardo Lira
  7. “It’s sad to think the doggo as probably passed since the doggo already looks old in this video I can’t imagine it living for another 11 years. 😥😥😭 May the doggo Rest In Peace. ❤️.” – *_No Videos_*
  8. “I don’t know why this is in my recommended list, but I’m glad it is…” – Dansh 37
  9. “This is the content YouTube was made for – no sponsored content – no bullshit – just people living their life and filming some great moments of it.”

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