What This 80-Year-Old Man Built for His 9 Rescued Dogs Is the Sweetest Thing Ever

Dogs can be a loyal friend to seniors but an 80-year-old retiree in Fort Worth, Texas, has 9 loyal friends. Eugene Bostick has rescued 9 dogs that were left around his property and if that wasn’t enough, he built a “dog train” and gives his dogs a train ride at least twice a week.

Just the thought of this caring senior taking the time to bring some joy to his dogs is incredibly heartwarming.

80-year-old retiree, Eugene Bostick, built a unique dog train for his 9 rescued dogs.


He loves taking them for a ride and you can tell the dogs just can’t wait.

80-Year-Old Retiree Builds Dog Train for 9 Dogs He Rescued

Facebook / Tiffany Johnson


They are having the time of their lives and the dogs get excited every time he gets the train ready.


God bless him. Eugene is one of the kindest guys ever for caring so much about his dogs.


Here is a video of Eugene taking them out for a ride. Adorable!


H/t: ReshareWorthy

Eugene simply took these animals in when people didn’t want them anymore and he his now giving them incredible joy. Please share how this incredible senior is making his dogs happy with your friends and family.

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